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Health, Exercise & Sport Science

We are proud to offer several quality programs to students interested in athletic training, physical education, health and exercise science, and sports management. The programs are designed to provide optimum development of both physical and mental abilities in these areas.

The courses and experiences are planned to provide both theoretical and practical challenges for the student.  We stress individual decision making as well as cooperative learning in many aspects of the program. We are also proud to offer interdisciplinary programs that provide an opportunity to study from various disciplines such as health, business, education, and basic sciences.

Our facilities offer many opportunities for learning. Separate athletic training and rehabilitation facilities add not only service to the athletic department but also provide learning environments for athletic training students.

Our program is proud to offer many avenues for education, fine facilities, excellent internship possibilities, and a varied faculty including instructors/professors, administrators, coaches, and athletic trainers. With our system, the student not only learns in the classroom, but also in practical settings from actual professionals using the theory and skills taught.

 Exercise is Medicine


HESS Program

Master of Public Health (MPH)
This master's program prepares students to confront complex health issues, such as improving health care access and policy, controlling infectious disease, and reducing chronic disease. More»

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